Trigonometry, April 16

  1. Set up Dropbox
    • Make a Dropbox account by clicking here: .  Use your email address, because this will help me share files with you.
    • In Dropbox, create a folder called “Trig Assignments yourname” (of course, write your own name in place of “yourname“).
    • Share the folder you just created with me:
  2. Download this excel file: Defining Pi Chart
  3. Rename the file as “Defining Pi Chart yourname” and open it.
  4. Change the radius from 10 to whatever number you want.  Change it a bunch of times.  What happens?
  5. Pay attention and learn how to use formulas to fill in each column of this chart.
  6. When there are five minutes left in class, save this file and place it your Dropbox Trig Assignments folder.

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