Trigonometry for Moneymakers, April 19

Hey Moneymakers,

We’re now halfway through our unit about circles.  Here are the three learning targets for this unit:

  • Circles 1: I understand the derivation for the equation of a circle on the coordinate plane.
  • Circles 2: I can derive the value of pi, and I understand the development of this number from a historical perspective.
  • Circles 3: I can use similarity to define radian measure as the constant of proportionality between arc length and the radius, and I can use this definition to calculate arc length and sector area.

By the end of next week, you should try to master all three of these targets.  For today, you have two choices of how to work on these goals:

Option 1 (focus on Circles 2):
Use the excel spreadsheet that we created on Monday and Tuesday to edit your Defining Pi Project.  Make sure that you have all five parts of the project, and then you can resubmit it.  If you do choose to resubmit your project, you should include a cover sheet describing the changes you made.  If you found errors by using the Excel sheet, describe them.  What did you discover?  What did you change?  Did this help you to better understand our project?

Option 2 (focus on Circles 1 and Circles 3):
On Delta Math, there are problems that will help you practice on SLTs Circles 1 and Circles 3.  All students should try to complete this assignment by Tuesday, April 24.  If you work on it in class, I can help you out with any questions that you encounter.

Let’s do it!


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