Delta Math: What Works and What Doesn’t?

To all Trigonometry Students,

Greetings from Denver!  Everyone here, at the Expeditionary Learning Schools National Conference, is here to talk about teaching.  We’re here to talk about what works for you guys, and what does not; what gets you excited to come to school and what prepares you best for the future.

I’m writing to ask you all to pitch in to this conversation we’re having out here.  You’ve been doing a little experiment by doing some of your math work online.  Many of you have completed problems on Delta Math, and some of you have experimented with Wolfram Alpha.  You have also used this class web site for different purposes throughout the year.

Here are my questions: Do you think Delta Math helps you?  Do you think it’s a good idea for us to use it in the classroom?  Do you think we should do more or less work on the web in our classes?  Do you have other online activities you’ve loved or hated this year, in any class?  Do you have any ideas for things we should try in the future?

Please answer these questions by commenting on this post — and thank you for your help!

We’ll be thinking of you (and telling stories from class) all weekend.  See you Monday.

Mr. Dunseith


36 thoughts on “Delta Math: What Works and What Doesn’t?

  1. sujeidi says:

    Well .. i must say that i like the idea of online math because it does include alot of writing and messy notes on my paper. and it give helpful example so that i can understand it with out any questions. but it is a hard task sometimes because its irritating that in order to get the grade higher it must have 5 correct, for example i had 4 correct and got one wrong and then had to start over. i am frustrated because it keeps happening !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says:

    Hello There Sir , its ya girl Kassi . :DDD i love online learning its great , the examples help you get a better understanding of how to do a problem you are having trouble with . Its also a great and easy way for someone to master a learning target that they are having trouble with the best part about online learning is that you are able to make a cheat sheet on all the things you have learned and how you best understand them to get a four a learning target on the test given during class time.

  3. Marisol Pacheco says:

    working online is not that bad. But I would not want to work online all the time. It can get annoying.

  4. Ninoshka Garcia says:

    Delta math does help me but so much as getting help from the teacher. I believe that it is good to use it in the classroom to test us if we know the information on our own.But I think we should do less work on the web and there is really not much websites i know that would help us but learning it from the teacher is much better for the students and myself. It helps us see how the problem can be easy or a bit hard but we can learn a lot when our minds learn from viewing and writing the information.

  5. Fatema waggeh says:

    i think delta math is helpful in case i am absent and i don’t know the home work its online for me. Also, it helps me with material i don’t understand and also i can practice the material i don’t understand.

  6. Charlie Veras says:

    Personally, I Think its Great. I’ve improved in trigonometry by using this.

  7. Chastity Hillary says:

    – I personally think Delta Math helps a great deal and is a very good tool to use in the classroom. It combines something students, like myself, use everyday with education. Delta Math can also be treated as a game between classmates to finish the most problems in a certain amount of time, making working more enjoyable. Another great thing about Delta Math is that when you get a question wrong, it shows you step by step how to solve the problem so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve as a student. I think we should continue to work on the web and even incorporate more class activities with computers. This will make class more hands on and interesting.

  8. isatou says:

    Hello Mr Dunseith.
    the way i feel about delta math is that it does not really work for me . i personally think the old fashion way of learning is actually better, i believe that for the way i learn its better to not use the computer often. once in 2 weeks or also once in a month would be reasonable. so therefore i prefer the traditional way of learning rather then to use delta math

  9. Hawa Waggeh says:

    I believe that delta math is a good idea because it challenge students to improv what mistakes they did. It also improves our tecniques and our struggles on every assighnment we do.

  10. Amenata says:

    As for me I won’t really like for delta math to be use all the time maybe once in a while. I think we should keep it balance because I kind of learn it better when the teacher explains it rather then learning it from the web. I did like it when we were using excel it taught me a lot that I didn’t know.

  11. Stephanie Figueroa says:

    Delta Math does help me a lot because it shows me what I know and what I need to improve on. I like how there are example problems for each type of question because it explains step by step how to solve it.

  12. Madeline Perdomo says:

    I think Delta Math is very helpful for me, it teaches me problems by steps, it gives examples just in case i dont get the problem. I think it is a good idea to use it in the classroom. It would be awesome to do more delta math.

  13. christopherm13 says:

    I think delta math is a very fluent in letting us know how to do specific algebra problems. I think delta math is a good way to learn in the classroom, and I would appreciate working online more often. I think more classes should have the usage of computers like we do in this class.

  14. Jacqueline says:

    I think Delta Math is helpful because even if you don’t understand a topic when the teacher explains it maybe you can understand it with the examples provided by Delta Math. Delta Math gives you a better understanding of the topic while having you work on the problems.

  15. Destiny Daley says:

    I think working online is more efficient than doing work on actual paper. Working online helps me see what I don’t understand and what I do understand more clearly. For example, with Delta Math, If I find a problem that is challenging for me, instead of calling the teacher over every 5 seconds, I could utilize Google to help me solve the problem. Assignments done online are more likely to get done than assignments done on paper. The student could easily misplace the paper (KILLING TREES!!) or just simply not do it. This generation is more into technology and if we include technology into our schools then more people would want to actually learn and participate school.

  16. Perla Dipre says:

    Delta math helps but not as much as i thought it would. Only because if i don’t know whats the answer to something it doesn’t help me understand how the answer is wrong. I think it is a good idea to work with delta math in the classroom but work on some of the problems together as a class then keep doing it on our own until we all understand it. More work on the web would be good but showing us on the board will be good also.

  17. Yadi says:

    In my opinion i believe that online learning can be very useful for the new generation. We rely on technology most of the times to get things done. Such as essays and even homework. Sometimes when we dont understand a problem we google how to get it done thus understanding things even more. I believe that online learning can open many doors for students who may need one on one teaching so that they can be focused. That is if all social networks are being blocked so they wont find a distraction from the learning. I know that alot of people dont want the new generation to loose touch of penmanship, going to libraries and and researching from books. But lets be honest the internet provides many information with the Nook Tablet were able to buy any book that we desire and have it in the palm of our hands with no problem. Maybe we might not be able to purchase old books that may only be in the libraries but the online learning system can be a great things for kids.In my opinion i get essays written faster in the computer then i do with pen and paper, and my thoughts just run while. So do i believe that the online learning is good yes i do. I mean look at Delta Math for example it gives us problems then if we dont understand them we are able to look at examples in which we see how they are solve. What better way then that.

  18. Johanna Gomez says:

    Well I can personally say that Delta math did help me. The last time we did Delta math in class on circles I had no idea what I was doing. In just a period I learned how to write the equation of a circle on a graph & how to take the equation and plot the circle on the graph. I like doing the online learning. I think it REALLY helps. I think Delta math is somewhat like a challenge. It’s kind of like you are your own teacher. It gives you an example and it’s like it is your job to put 2 and 2 together and figure out why each step was done. I honestly think that I learn faster with Delta math and I wouldn’t mind working on Delta math for a whole class period! :DDDD ❤

  19. Jacqueline says:

    In my opinion i feel Delta Math is a helpful website because it helps you out improve your skills in any topic your doing by going through steps of what you did .I feel we should do more websites like this in class because it will really help us with what we’re doing. My ideas for you in the future is to do more assignments like this because it can help out future student who use this website that are struggling in a topic in your class.

  20. Henry Ghanney says:

    That recent comment that says jacqueline name was actually mine

  21. Fatumata Jawara says:

    I think Delta Math helps me however, it helps me learn from my mistakes if I had the question wrong (penalty). Somehow I don’t like the penalty but otherwise, I think is good so that you can learn and improve better not just for the sake homework, but for any upcoming tests or exams. I think is a good idea if we use for both classroom and homework as well. I think we should use Delta Math more often in classroom as practice work problems and less practice as homework. Basically, the other online websites I used in other classes were good.

  22. Donna says:

    Delta math is very helpful and useful for me and I enjoy the challenges as well as how it provides examples on how to solve the problems. I think it should be used during class sometimes too but I prefer doing regular classwork rather than online stuff because I like listening to lessons in class.

  23. Khalil Marcus says:

    I can honestly say that Delta Math is an effective way to help students catch up on different assignments that they were absent for, missed, etc. It also helps in a case of reviewing. You can always go online and review the problems you were struggling with. Delta Math is really effective and can improve the way students learn. She should do this in class more often.

  24. Jacqueline Flores says:

    I think that Delta Math is helpful because if the teacher is explaining a topic and you don’t understand it Delta Math can help you understand it with providing examples on how to solve a problem related to that topic. Delta Math helps you get a better understanding of the topic by having you work on problems.

  25. Hatu Sohna says:

    Honestly, I think Delta Math is a great way to learn. At first, I didn’t like the idea of using Delta Math to help us in class because I didn’t understand it. Now I see that It allows us to keep on trying until we get it right. If I don’t understand it, I can go on the practice mode until I am ready to go on the regular mode. Even on regular mode, we have penalties; so I keep trying until I get 0/5. I think we should do more work on the web because it will get me to depend on myself and know what I did wrong. It’s awesome that we use the web in class.

  26. Stephanie Figueroa says:

    Delta Math does help me a lot because it shows me what I know and what I need to improve on. I like how there are example problems for each type of question because it explains step by step how to solve it. I think that it’s a good idea to use in classrooms because it’s a good tool to help students prepare for upcoming tests or quizzes. We should do more work online because I’m a visual learner and I need to see examples and work on lots of problems in order to get something right. Online learning is much easier in my opinion because you actually get to interact and see where you went wrong in the problem.

  27. Paul Aderemi says:

    I think delta math does help. The method of solving problems helps me in improving my skills in the area of paying attention to details and requirements because if you get it wrong with just a rounding error, you will have to start all over from zero.
    I do think it is a good idea because it allows students to learn independently and recognize that a problem requires the same step even though it is made as a word problem for example. I would greatly appreciate more work on the web in class. The web being part of the lesson, a class can research questions that arise during the course of a lesson that is crucial to understanding the topic as a whole. I believe it would definitely inspire more discussions and in turn, comprehension in classrooms.

    I have loved working on the delta math the most because working on a particular topic has brought up questions that has allowed me to learn something new that would help me in other related math topics. I think that the web’s disadvantage to students should be used as an advantage in the sense that a network or social media should be created that would be used like the Facebook but for reminding students about web-based assignments. I know it will be hard because we already have Facebook but it can be incorporated into it through a page that the students HAVE to like or subscribe to and in turn receive notifications on due assignments such as the delta math.

    I really think Delta Math is awesome. It has allowed me over the last few months to get ahead of my work in the class and have a better understanding when the main lesson on the topic featured is taught in class.

    Thank you.

  28. natasha says:

    Delta math really helps me understand the lesson more because it helps me figure out the problem quicker and i can figure it out by myself instead of constantly asking my teacher to help me.

  29. Donna says:

    first thing i can say about delta math is that i like i love delta math , because i think delta math is helping me to understand the problems that the teacher give us , and you can get individual teaching from the teacher that he can help me to understand better .

  30. Bryan says:

    I think Deltha Math helps me a lot and i get a better understanding, i have learnd a lot

  31. Jamal Miles says:

    Personally, I love Delta Math. It makes learning in the class go by faster. There are no disruptions with everyone on their computer. It gives me a better learning environment and I love knowing that I can get to class and get straight to work because I already know what to do and where to go. If I have any questions or don’t understand, I like Delta Math and how it shows you were your errors are and how to solve that problem.

  32. Bintou Sankareh says:

    I think Delta math is a great way of understanding math much better. It makes it easier for me to understand problems that are complicated to solve. Also it is a great tool for me to use outside of school. In addition is a great opportunity to complete any missing assignment that I miss when I’m not in school. I mostly like delta math because is challenging and frustrating sometimes. It is a great way to challenge students. It helps students improve in classrooms and it is a good strategy to study for tests. I think we should delta math in class more often, which means that we will have more independent study.

  33. Marc segarra says:

    I think that delta math is a great way to learn the math material better because it shows you examples and gives you many opportunities to try different math problems. Every time I use delta math I always leave class learning something and it is much easier to understand other than lectures in class. It is also good because if your absent in class all you do is go to the class website and find out because it is always there. The only thing I dislike about it is that once you get one answer wrong you have to start all over but other than that it’s great!

  34. George Ampadu says:

    I think delta math is a good way to learn online because it make you understand the process of what you are doing, in case you get it wrong it really shows you the steps on how to work it on the next question. Delta Math helped me a lot during the circle, to my point of view online learning is really easier and faster to work with.

  35. Amelia Loran says:

    I think that delta math doesn’t t really work for me. it’s a good for us to work together as a class on some problems we may need help with. I think We should do less work on the laptops and more as a class. one online class i enjoyed this year was the survey that we took around September that was about how we feel about the class and work that was gonna start to do in the semester and some of our inputs and how we felt about the class. i think in the future we should work independently and then come more together as a class on questions we may have come across that we may need help on and try to less projects.

  36. Bernard adjei says:

    – Delta Math is a very great site for me for study and practice.more..also helps me learn form my wrong and right

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