Class Agenda #1

Opening Problem:

  • Sit somewhere new, with people you can work with.
  • Draw a square with vertices A, B, C, and D, in that order. Then draw an equilateral triangle with vertices A, B, and E, where E is a point outside the square. Connect points E and C with a line segment. Find the measure of angle ECB.

What is Trigonometry? / About this Class

Unit 1: Triangles / The Similar Triangles Project

Student Learning Target
Triangles 1: I can use similarity to define trigonometric ratios as properties of the angles in a triangle.

  • Week 1 Handout
  • Work together to complete the front of this handout.
  • Discussion
  • Part 1 of Project

Problem Set #1

  • Graded on Habit #1 and Habit #7
  • Due Friday by 3:30 pm

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