Class Agenda #4: Brainiacs

Student Learning Targets:

  • Habit 5: I can make strategic use of appropriate tools.
  • Habit 6: I attend to precision.
  • Habit 7: I look for an can make use of structures and patterns.
  • Triangles 1: I can use similarity to define trigonometric ratios as properties of the angles in a triangle.

Task 1: Making a Chart

  • Look at the chart on the side board.  
  • Copy this chart into your notebook, and fill it in for your Rectangle.

Task 2: Drawing Perpendiculars & Gathering Data

  • Get a protractor, and use it to draw two perpendicular lines on your Rectangle.
  • How are sides labeled on each rectangle?
  • Complete all parts of your chart.
  • Add your ratio values to the the poster for your rectangle.
  • You should post 9 numbers onto each poster. (What are they?)

Task 3: Get The Similar Triangles Project, Part 2

  • Think about what we’ve done so far, and complete the front of this handout.

Problem Set #2 is due on Thursday.

Delta Math – first assignment is open until Wednesday at 11:59 pm.


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