Class Agenda #5: Brainiacs

Opener: Find your Colored Rectangle Group.  You have 10 minutes to put your best possible Theoretical Values into the chart on the board.

SLT Triangles 1: I can use similarity to define trigonometric ratios as properties of the angles in a triangle.

  • You just used everyone’s empirical data from Part 1 of this project to determine your theoretical value for each of the ratios: a/e, b/e, and a/b.

How do you know if your theoretical values are accurate?

  • What are the properties of similar triangles?
  • Let’s measure the angles in each of our triangles.
  • Let’s use these angles to check out answer.

In conclusion:

  • The trigonometric ratios are SINE, COSINE, and TANGENT

  • These ratios are properties of the angles in similar triangles.

  • So, are rectangles and squares similar?

Next Step: “A Fascinating Chart

Problem Set #2 is due today at 3:30 pm

The Similar Triangles Project is due on Wednesday, February 13.  Click here to see all parts of the project.


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