Class Agenda #9: Brainiacs

Student Learning Targets:

  • Triangles 2: I understand the relationships between different trigonometric ratios.

  • Triangles 3: I can apply trigonometric ratios and the Pythagorean Theorem to solving problems involving right triangles.


  • Suppose that you receive a new colored rectangle called “GREEN C”, and you measure its sides.  You find that the length of GREEN C is 7.2 cm, and the width of the rectangle is 9.9 cm.

    1. How long do you expect the diagonal of this rectangle to be?

    2. What angle will the diagonal make with the bottom of the rectangle?

Example problem and discussion of trig ratios. 

–Project Reflection

Work Time!

      —Problem Set #4 or Delta Math

You can’t leave without an exit ticket!


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