Class Agenda #17: Monarchs, Supernovas, Brainiacs

Student Learning Targets:

  • Circles 1: I understand the derivation for the equation of a circle on the coordinate plane.
  • Habit 4: I can construct mathematical models.
  • Habit 6: I attend to precision.
  • Habit 7: I look for and can make use of structures and patterns.

Opener: Grab a computer and open up GeoGebra.

  • We are going to build Interactive Graph Applet’s on GeoGebra to examine lines and circles.

  • Some things to ponder: Why are we creating sliders for only some of the variables? How does changing the equation change the graph?

  • The goal is to get to the point where we don’t need GeoGebra’s help.

Exit Ticket!

Try this after you finish “Manipulating Circles on Geogebra” –> Geogebra Circles Problem Solving


  • Problem Set #7 — due Thursday at 3:30
  • Delta Math: SLT T4 Special Triangles Exercises.
    • Due Wednesday 3/13/13 at 11:59 pm
    • Finish 85% or more to earn a 2
    • Finish 100% to earn a 3

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