Class Agenda 24: Brainiacs

Warm Up: Gallery Walk Example (So How’d the Romans Do? They’re certainly not doing too hot anymore…)

  • We will complete the Roman Empire example together.
  • All the gallery walk examples are available here.
  • The Gallery Walk Worksheet counts as Problem Set #10.

Spring Break Packet

  • Habit #1: I can make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  • Did you persevere?
  • DeltaMath – Did you build a habit of practice?

Defining Pi Project: Part 2

  • Question for Thought: How can we approximate the circumference of our circle?
  • Let’s begin our first construction.
  • What observations can we make about our first construction?

Record Sheet

  • Write today’s date. 
  • #1: Make a prediction: What do you think our next construction will be and why?
  • #2: Write one thing that confuses you about this project OR one question you have for one of the men featured in the Gallery Walk.

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