Class Agenda #26: Brainiacs

Opener: Finish Your Constructions (and Earn a Badge!)

  • Last week, we inscribed a hexagon in a circle. This was your first construction.
  • Today, you must complete at least two more constructions.
  • You have 12π minutes to complete two more constructions (Wait, how much time do you have?)
  • Exclusive badges are available to anyone who completes the constructions in less than 12π minutes!
  • Badges can be submitted in exchange for additional points on a Problem Set grade. ***Limited supply. Badges cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Offer expires in 12π minutes.***

Defining Pi Project, Part 3: Developing Generalizations

  • When you finish your constructions, ask us for Part 3 of the project.
  • We will start Part 4 on Wednesday!

Problem Set #10 – Due Thursday

Record Sheet Prompts

  • Write today’s date.
  • Write a sentence or two about what you did today.
  • Write at least one question that you wondered about in class today.



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