Class Agenda #26

Opener: Defining Pi Project Work Time

  • Last week, you completed your first construction for the Defining Pi Project.
  • We inscribed a hexagon in a circle.
  • Today, you have 12π minutes to complete your next two constructions.
  • Special Badges are available to anyone who completes their constructions within 12π minutes!

Defining Pi Project, Part 3: Developing Generalizations

  • When you finish your constructions, ask for Part 3 of the project.
  • On Wednesday, we’ll start Part 4.  Your task is to get ready for it!

Problem Set #10 – due Thursday

Record Sheet Prompts

  • Write today’s date.
  • Write a sentence or two about what you did today.
  • Write at least one question that you wondered about in class today.

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