Class Agenda #28

Opening Problem: The Factors of 360

  • Take out a sheet of a paper, and work quickly.
  • List all 24 factors of 360, in order from least to greatest.
  • This is your ticket to receive a laptop.
  • When you are done, show me and get a computer.

Get Ready:

  • Go to today’s agenda and download this Excel Spreadsheet. When the new tab opens, click “download”.
  • Save the file as “DPP Big Chart (Your Name)”.
  • Once you open the file, enter your radius into cell B1.

Defining Pi Project, Part 4: The Big Chart (Side 2)

  • How can we use Part 3 to create algebraic expressions that a computer can use to perform the calculations for us?
  • How will our algebraic expressions differ from the formulas we enter into Excel?

Record Sheet Prompts

  • Write a sentence or two about what you did today.
  • Write one question you have from your work today.

What are your next steps on this project?


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